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January – April 2019

I feel brighter and happier by doing this project. Happy days!

Older participant

Constellations was the first collaboration between Coopers Court Extra Care Scheme and Halley Primary School, working with artists Lehni Lamide-Davies, a theatre practitioner and Liane Harris, a photographer.

At the beginning of the partnership Coopers Court expressed an interest in creating a piece of artwork that could be permanently displayed in the lounge. Using this to spark the group’s ideas, residents from Coopers Court and children from Years 4, 5 and 6 came together to create Constellations.

I really loved the project and didn’t know three months had gone by and we have done so much

Younger participant

Using photography, storytelling and sound, everyone worked in small groups to create their own unique story. Together they created an exhibition of photographs and sound recordings which tell these stories. The exhibition includes 23 individual and group photos, sound recordings and text – and we imagine it like a time capsule which will become a gift to generations of the future! The artworks are installed in the lounge at Coopers Court and were exhibited to friends and family at the end of the project.

The thing I most enjoyed about the project was seeing different generations coming together to work as one.

Older participant

Images on this page and featured image by Holly Falconer


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