Cocktails: The After Party on Film with Chuck Blue Lowry - Be Part of the Cocktails Story!

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Cocktails in Care Homes and our COVID-response partner project, Cocktails: The After Party will officially come to an end this Autumn.

To wrap up, we are thrilled to be working with artist and filmmaker Chuck Blue Lowry, who is producing a short film celebrating our Cocktails community.
The film will share your messages and reflections, artworks we’ve produced together during lockdown guided by our artists ‘Creative Actions’, showcase the creative ways we’ve kept in touch through ‘Cocktail Hours’ and ‘Care Packages’ and tell the story of Cocktails and The After Party, and it’s participants – volunteers, care partners residents & staff and creative partners.

How do I take part?
There are a few ways!

Send us a short video of yourself doing your favourite dance move! (30 seconds – 1 minute max) to your favourite song, to be included in our film! This can be a dance move that makes you feel happy, that makes you laugh, that makes you feel powerful, that makes you feel connected to others. However you film it is up to you! You could include your whole body in the shot, or just focus on one detail of your body – such as a hand movement, some footwork, or your face as you dance! You could be dancing anywhere you like, inside your house, your garden, or in the park! (See video above for inspiration!)


Send us your ‘toast’ to a fellow Cocktails party go-er that you’re thinking about – resident, care staff, volunteer or care home!
Prepare your drink of choice! (Cocktail? Cup of tea?) Find a comfortable spot to enjoy your drink and record your message!
Using your smartphone or recording device, record video / audio of you toasting your chosen Party Go-er (resident, care staff, volunteer or care home!) You might want to say – who you are, a bit about you and how you’re doing at the moment, what you’ve been up to during lockdown since we’ve been unable to party in person.


Share your favourite memory of Cocktails in Care Homes over the past 10 years!
What are some of your favourite moments? You might want to tell us what will you remember most about taking part in the project, favourite party theme? What care home / scheme did you visit? What was your favourite song that played, or your favourite cocktail? Send us your thoughts, memories, messages – in any format.

Send yours by Monday 10th August to be included in our film to:
or Whatsapp / Text to 07463918718.

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