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September – December 2018

Looking out for Clara Grant school news/activities. A landmark on my living map of the route to Poplar and Chrisp Street for me. Thinking about what beliefs those around me share, and being gentle towards variations.

Older resident

Map of Me

Map of Me was the second project that saw pupils from Clara Grant Primary School work with older people living in the local community brought together via the Linc Centre (run by Poplar HARCA).

It’s good, it’s fun, I love it. I mean I love working with them kids, they are so funny, great personalities.

Older resident

Over ten weeks Year 4 children and a group of older adults worked with director and singer, Freya Wynn-Jones, visual artist, Ben Connors and guest artist, theatre designer, Amanda Mascarenhas. The group explored routes, navigations and maps, using these to explore identity; our journey to who we are now.

I no longer feel embarrassed about other people seeing my work, I feel confident.

Younger participant

They created seven 3D artworks which were installed in ‘stations’ around the school hall. Each artwork contained audio and visual elements and was interactive for the audience. The exhibition included poetry, dioramas, music, painting and much more – a truly mixed media experience!

Heart & Mind poem - photo by Samia Meah

Reminded me of the need for creative space for art, and how much fun it can be to work with different people.

Older resident

June 2019

Jo Cox Great Get Together

In June 2019 we held a ‘Great Get Together’, reuniting Y4 pupils from Clara Grant Primary with adults from Outside In and Map of Me. The get together followed on from year one and two of the partnership and was also part of the Jo Cox Great Get Together.

This year organisers asked people across the country to ‘get back together with someone or something in your community you’ve lost touch’ – which was perfect for our reunion. Using games, illustration and origami the group shared what they have been up to in the last 6 months, and learnt something new together. Following the workshop, we were joined by families of the children and school staff for a true get together style tea party!

The creative session was led by Map of Me artists, Ben Connors and Amanda Mascarenhas.

What now?

This was the third stage in this partnership. Although the Linc Centre are no longer able to support the project, Magic Me is working with staff at Clara Grant and individual adults who took part to explore how the relationship can continue.

Prior to joining the Arts & Ages Programme, Clara Grant Primary and Linc Centre worked together on the Magic Me project Outside In


Photos on this page and featured images all by Samia Meah