The After Party: 'Sound Selecta' DJ Set - Summer 2020

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Through lockdown, music has become a safety net for us all, it is a way of inviting others and different voice into our spaces as well as bringing us joy.

Artist Shepherd Manyika would like you to think of a song you want to share with others.If you are up for it, you can sing the song and send it to us. You can also send us a URL / Youtube link if you like. Is your song dedicated to anyone in particular? Care staff? Resident? Fellow Party Go-er?

Send yours to: or text / Whatsapp it to 07463918718.
This summer, Manyika will compile the songs into a playlist called ‘Sound Selecta’ which will be hosted on SoundCloud for us all to enjoy.
We will also include your ‘Toasts’ to Fellow party Go-ers that you’ve been missing at the moment in the mix. Stay tuned to find out when the mix goes live!

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