Activities to do at home

We have gathered together a range of activities for people to try at home (or in other settings). These activities were created as part of the At Home Together programme - our response to the Covid-19 Pandemic from March-July 2020

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We continued to run our projects throughout the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown from March to July 2020. Grouped under the At Home Together programme.  Many of these projects generated artist created activities designed for all generations to do at home. We would like to share these with a wider audience and below are links to printable pdfs which give instructions for various activities.  If you would like to share the results of any you try then we would love to hear from you:

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THINKING ABOUT ANOTHER GENERATION – Activities that were part of The View From Here, Arts & Ages

View from here trio

Between April – July 2020, older and younger people from our Arts & Ages partnerships received three activity packs to help them connect with one another during the COVID-19 pandemic. Full project information can be found here.

The following activities allow both younger and older people to reflect on their individual experiences over the last few months as well as think about a different generation.

Activity 1 – Three activities that are all about you:

Download instructions for young people here

Download instructions for older people here

Activity 2 – Creating a ‘character’ and imagining their life and adventures:

Download instructions for young people here

Download instructions for older people here

Create a newspaper character instructions

Activity 3 – Three activities about the past, present and future:

Download instructions for Activity 3 here

Activities were created by artists Polly Beestone, Chuck Blue-Lowry, Ben Connors, Mia Harris and Amanda Mascarenhas

THINKING ABOUT THE EARTH – Activities part of Generation Rebellion, Women’s Project

Hopeful collage from Generation Rebellion project by Magic Me

Between April – July 2020, older women living independently and a group of Year 9 pupils from Mulberry School for Girls continued their exploration of the climate emergency through the creation of a zine. Full project information can be found here.

The following activities allow both younger and older people to creatively explore the climate emergency.

Download a printable activity pack here

Activities were created by artists Sue Mayo and Elsa James.

CREATE A POP UP GARDEN – Activities that were part of WE BLOOM, Quality Street

we bloom activities trio

Between June – July 2020, pupils, older residents and the local community created artworks for a pop-up garden that was displayed on the gates of George Mitchell Primary School, and extra care schemes Albany Court and Glebelands. Full project information, including examples of artworks can be found here.

The following activities and templates can be used to make a summery display both indoors (communal areas, resident’s rooms, windows) or outdoors (garden spaces, on your fence or gate).

All activities:


Individual activities:

Plant tag activity

Bugs from plastic bottles

Flowers from plastic bottles

Origami bugs

Paper flowers and insects

Activities were created by artists Jo Scholar, Irene Pulga and Grace White.


The After Party trio of images

The After Party was the Cocktails team’s response to the changing situations around the Covid-19 virus, and presented a new format for the Cocktails project. Four artists each created a number of activities to connect party volunteers and the residents of the care homes they had come to know. Some of these activities were specific to this group but others could be enjoyable activities for all ages – details of three of these are provided as pdfs below.


Create a postcard to send to someone you are missing at the moment – or just for fun!

Instructions for this activity

Or you can use ready made postcards created by artist Mia Harris – download them here

Find out more about this activity here

Colour Mood Scene

Make a colour mood scene in the corner of your room, take a photo and share with your friends (and us if you’d like to)

Instructions for this activity

You can also see some examples and a video of artist Mia Harris explaining the activity here

Dream Dinner Party

Imagine a dream dinner party – who would you invite, where would you hold it, what would you eat?

Instructions for this activity

Invite template in word

Invite template as a printable pdf

You can also see some examples and find out more about artist Kathy Horak-Hallet’s ideas for this activity here


Simple Acts trio of pictures

In April 2020, artists Lehni Lamide Davies and Liane Harris developed a suite of activities for residents at Coopers Court, extra care scheme. Activities were created for care staff to facilitate with residents in one-to-one sessions. Full project details can be found here.

The following activities have been designed as an interactive two player game which can be facilitated with both older and younger people.

Download a printable pdf here


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