2010 Dressing Up

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Women’s relationship with our clothes
Dressing Up explored the way in which women disguise and express themselves through their clothes. 8 older women and 7 young women came together to look at images from women all over the world, throughout history and within their own lives, exploring differences between standing out and blending in, at dressing to impress and being comfy and cosy.

As well as looking at the library’s collection and images found themselves, the group also had a day of dressing up, using a dressing up collection brought in by guest artist Auriol Ramsey.

For the final performance held in the library Reading Room, the group dressed up in costume that reflected an aspect of their personalities that they felt was normally hidden. The audience was also invited to dress up, resulting in a colourful tea party which took place after the performance.

We are amazing ladies young and old who love the company of others, sharing stories and lives.

We are dressed in English red, deep maroon and a collection of dark and neutral colours, with an assortment of interesting shoes.

We are a lively group of people who are funny & good humoured.

We have all learnt something new about each other.

Although we are all different and unique, we have yet come as one and shared different interests.

We have crushed the age barrier.

We are all human beings.

We are open to suggestions, we are willing to learn, we are stars in our own little kingdom.

Group Letter

Students from Mulberry School for Girls
Local older women

Polly Beestone (costume)
Sue Mayo (direction)
Surya Turner (text)
Auriol Ramsay (guest artist, dressing up clothes)