Bankhouse – Vauxhall


Parties at Bankhouse in Vauxhall started in November 2018.

Our parties here have been a huge hit so far with residents and volunteers alike! Only a short walk from Vauxhall station with a fantastic view of the River Thames, Bankhouse has it’s very own mega fish tank and real bar set up! It really does feels like you’re down the pub!

Bankhouse is an extra care scheme run by One Housing and is situated in the borough of Lambeth.

Bankhouse is walking distance from the following stations:
Vauxhall (8 minutes walk)
Lambeth North (16 minutes walk)
Pimlico (18 minutes)
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Our Party Managers at Bankhouse are Caroline and Amanda!

Caroline loves hosting parties, drinking cocktails, and chatting to new people, so she’s excited to use those “powers” for good! As her grandparents passed away before she could get to know them, she’s also enjoying the opportunity to hear different generations’ stories and hard-earned wisdom. Caroline’s day job is fundraising major donations for higher education, so she’s excited to give her time to a smaller, local charity like Magic Me and see the immediate effects on the people we work with.

Amanda is a Community Artist and enjoys volunteering for a variety of things in her free time; from film nights to networking events, tea parties for the elderly to cooking for a homeless project – she enjoys benefiting her local community through her work and volunteering.

She says “I’m really excited about being a party manager – not only do I get to work with other fantastic volunteers as well as the Magic Me team but the opportunity to bring joy to residents through a party is a great way to spend a Wednesday evening!”