Mia Harris


Mia Harris lives in London and is a designer, maker, producer, project manager and facilitator, with a special interest in costume, textiles, set, décor and events in unconventional spaces. With a BA in Theatre and Visual Art, Mia is passionate about the arts, working collaboratively and working with communities. She has travelled extensively and been influenced by her experiences abroad, and has worked on large and small-scale events in the UK, Cambodia, Africa and Brazil. Mia is very interested in other cultures and historical traditions of celebrations and rituals. She has been inspired by spending time in other countries at carnivals in Brazil, Africa and Trinidad and has worked extensively at many festivals for over 15 years including Glastonbury, Boomtown, Shambala, Bestival and Fusion. Mia enjoys the challenge of transforming spaces and dreaming up innovative ideas in event production or creative design roles.