Magic Moments Approach


The Magic Moments Resource taps into different senses – sound, touch, sight, smell, taste, and movement.

Our senses connect us to the rest of the world, as we age some of our senses may change.

A multi-sensory approach allows people with different strengths to take part, including those who may no longer communicate through words or who want (or need) to experience an activity as an observer.


The Magic Moments Resource allows Staff and residents to be playful, use their imagination and participate on their own terms.

Sensory resources are often designed for children and are not age-appropriate for older adults living in Care Homes. The materials and artistic outcomes promote dignity and respect and have been carefully chosen to not be childish or patronising.


The Magic Moments Resource explores ‘creative experiments’ where there is no right or wrong way to take part. The resource offers guidance for each ‘experiment’ with Care Staff personalising experiences based on individual needs, interests and strengths.

Magic Moments aims to expand the word ‘activity’ beyond organised past times (e.g. quizzes, reading, gardening, bingo) as changes in support needs may mean some residents no longer find these accessible, relaxing or fulfilling.


Magic Moments offers an opportunity to ‘be with’ someone for who they are in the present moment and doesn’t rely on residents to recall memories or facts to take part. Resources have been designed to support residents and Care Staff to pay attention to in-the-moment sensations, thoughts and feelings.


Magic Moments supports Care Staff and residents to take part in a shared experience, where everyone both gives and receives. Artists have designed resources that enable residents to make independent decisions, fostering feelings of ‘doing with not for’.