A heads-up that change is coming. Virgin Money Giving announced recently that they are closing their giving site on 30 November 2021. If you are a regular giver or previous fundraiser, they may already have emailed you directly. 

Although the announcement came as a surprise to everyone in the charity sector, we want to reassure all our supporters that we are already planning our response. We are obviously concerned not to lose or to confuse any of our regular, loyal donors, or to miss out on gifts from people who have taken a pause in their giving, during the current hard times.

During September, we will research other giving sites: what they offer and what they charge. Once we have selected a new one we’ll let you know with plenty of notice, before Virgin closes. No one enjoys filling in online forms, but we’ll make the changeover as painless as we can! If you have any questions do please contact us at

We hope very much that you will want to continue your support as we head into another challenging winter.