Celebrating our volunteers: Tricia


It’s Volunteers Week 2018 and we are showcasing some of our volunteer’s stories here on the website. Every single volunteer is important to us but we hope these stories will inspire you and if you are interested in volunteering with us check out our Volunteering section here

Tricia, who volunteers with Cocktails in Care Homes at George Mason home in Leytonstone dropped us this note to tell us about her experience as a Magic Me volunteer:

“I currently volunteer at George Mason, Leytonstone. When I hooked up with Magic Me back in 2014(?) I spent time at Pat Shaw and also Silk Court. However GM is just around the corner from me, so lucky.

Reason why I volunteer – I was originally so moved by the marketing strapline used, something along the lines of ‘I used to wear lipstick before I moved in here!’ As I am an older volunteer it absolutely struck a chord with me and still does. Showing an interest in what someone has to say, anyone, not just the elderly, I think creates a feeling of value. I am genuinely interested and hear such great stories – the lady who worked her whole life in a Stepney box making factory and loved it and was proud of her work, the gentleman who worked for a furriers ( I know not acceptable now but a piece of history ) to the gentleman who came from the Caribbean in the 50’s, was a orchestra conductor and used the branch of Lloyds bank in the Strand that I many years later worked in.

So my hope and my aim is that along the way, someone gets to feel they’ve entertained me as much as the other way round. Very long way to say I think I get more back than I give.

Memorable moments are partly mentioned above together with listening to the fabulous staff at George Mason one night, singing a set old Caribbean songs, raunchy at that!”