Bright Ideas for Dark Days


Our latest newsletter is all about Bright Ideas for Dark Days

“I recently got the chance to try and to play with marbling inks and I watched as the drops wandered and spread and met. I would love that freedom for us all.”
Participant in View from Here

We would all like that freedom back. Until we can all meet again in person Magic Me will work to do what it can to keep generations and communities connected. Since March, and the beginning of the pandemic, we have adapted existing projects so that we can continue to connect different generations together.

In a time of constant change we were fortunate to work with people and organisations we already knew and where we had developed strong relationships.  We encouraged everyone involved to let us know what was working and what wasn’t.  With this feedback we were able to review and, where necessary, reimagine what came next.

Building on this, over the last four months we have been talking to all sorts of people about how we can continue to overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and still bring generations together. Some of these bright ideas will outlive the pandemic and help us shape our work for years to come.

“There’s no ‘off topic’ when you are dreaming”
so our director Susan Langford commented during a session where we were considering what could be done if we had no resource restraints – if anything was possible –

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