Denise Leander


Denise Leander became a trustee in November 2015.  She has had a long career in the private sector namely Avis, Hertz, Orange, Starbucks and A4e, as well as working management in higher education.

She most recently held the post of Deputy Chief Exec at Kings College London Students Union (KCLSU) a registered charity, independent of the university.

Denise now heads up a family owned business in Epsom called Psychology Direct.  It’s a mix of developing strategy to help move the business forward and supporting the day to day operation……….. and everything in between!

Now a licensed Zumba and Zumba Gold instructor you will find her on a Monday evening helping ladies build confidence and have fun to great music.

Favourite art form: Dance. “I danced all the way through primary and secondary school and did 3 years at the Laban centre for movement and Dance before setting up my own group, Blitz 1 travelling around Greece and Cyprus. I’m usually the first one on the dance floor, if the music is good!”