How we work


How we work

Magic Me is an arts charity that brings the generations together to build a stronger, safer community.

Our projects often link unlikely partners. Young people aged 8+ and adults aged 60+ team up through shared, creative activity. Intergenerational groups meet on a weekly basis in schools, museums, older peoples clubs, care homes, community and cultural organisations.

Projects are led by our team of freelance creative artists: musicians, dancers, photographers, printmakers, writers and drama specialists. They design activities to stimulate conversation and an exchange of ideas. Participants are often diverse in culture and faith as well as age group.

Our annual programme combines tried and tested models with trialling new ideas and projects. Read our Annual Report to find out more.

Our activities and events are reaching more young and older people than ever before. As Magic Me grows and our work broadens, thinking and planning time becomes more important to maintain the quality and integrity of our work. Our fundraising is therefore focused not just on the immediate costs of each project, but also the vital background work and infrastructure that underpin each successful workshop.

All our staff are directly involved in running our activities, working with young and older people, managing our team of volunteers and liaising with project schools and other partners.

Funds come from a wide range of sources across the public, private and voluntary sectors, including trusts, foundations and individual donors and supporters. 

Please read our Annual Report 2016/17 for more details of Magic Me’s activity during the 2016/17 Financial Year.

Download our most recent Annual Accounts from the Charity Commission website.

Visit our partnership page to see a list of current sponsors and supporters.